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Welcome to AB Custom Closet Design, where we transform your closet dreams into beautiful, functional realities. Based in the vibrant Sussex County DE , , we take pride in crafting customized closet solutions that exactly match your lifestyle and organizational needs. At AB Custom Closet Design, we blend creativity with functionality to provide custom closet designs. Our seasoned team understands that every closet is unique, and we approach each project with a new perspective and innovative design ideas. From walk-in closets to reach-in closets, we're here to make your space organized and visually appealing.


About Us

At AB Custom Closet Design, we are your top-notch destination for tailor-made closet solutions in the vibrant Sussex County DE , . We specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into exceptional closets, perfectly aligning with your individual preferences and requirements.

Our vision is to redefine closet experiences by providing innovative designs that optimize space utilization, combine aesthetics with functionality, and modernize organization. We aim to become the go-to solution for anyone seeking a well-designed, customized closet.

Our seasoned team of craftsmen possesses a depth of expertise in the art of closet design and installation. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to perfection, we craft closets that not only meet but surpass your expectations.

Also, we understand that every individual's needs are unique. That's why we offer customized closet solutions that correspond with your lifestyle, preferences, and available space. From walk-in closets to reach-in closets, we tailor our designs to suit your specific requirements.

Our Custom Closet Design Services in Sussex County DE.

As a progressive cutting-edge organization, at ABC Custom Closet Design, our offerings are versatile, in fact they are versatile so as to allow us to help our clients in various ways. But this does not classify us as experts in everything and a master of none, rather we are skilled professionals in each the services provided by us to our clients. Several of our closet custom design services include the following:

The design of the wardrobe in the bedroom in dark colors, the color of the walls is olive. 3D rendering.

Walk-In CLoset Design

Discovering the key to ultimate comfort in your room is having a space where you can neatly systematize your wardrobe without having the need to crease them or having them get in the way. Our roomy closets are designed in a way that helps you neatly and easily arrange as well as access your clothes without you wasting time wondering about the closet.

Reach-In Closet Design

Storage space planning are usually highly dependent on available space, budget, and storage needs. Reach-In Closet Design, usually one of the most common types of closets, is often chosen because it is not expensive, it is easy to access, and it is a wise use of a small space, it is also a top choice of minimalists.

Big empty wardrobe in dressing room. Large wardrobe room, with empty shelves. Interior of modern empty dressing room, wardrobe.

However, being limited to a small space or limited financial resources does not mean that you are excluded from beautiful custom-made closets or that your clothes should be disarrayed all around the place.

Reach out to us today for your bespoke Reach-In Closet design today and we will have you whistling every time you make use of it.


At ABC custom closet design, our small-space closet designs are not one size fits all, rather we will create a functional and aesthetically pleasing reach-in closet for you that will meet all of your closet design needs.

Kids’ Closet Design

Little ones can be quite disorganized, and convincing them to put things together in an orderly fashion can be quite challenge. Hence, it is vital to have your young ones' closet designed in a way that will make it possible for this.

At ABC Custom Closet Design Services & Installation, we have a comprehensive understanding of how this works and also the techniques for create your kids’ closet in order to make things easier for both you and the kids.

3D render of fashion shop, walk in closet


At ABC Custom Closet Design Services & Installation, we have a comprehensive understanding of how this works and also the techniques for create your kids’ closet in order to make things easier for both you and the kids.


We will set up a consultation session with you and your kids (if they are old enough for this) to discuss what you both want in a closet, from the design, to the color coordinations, whether to use a clothes rack or not, and so on.


Call on us today to aid you custom design your kids’ closet, and you will be glad you did.

Closet Installation Services

  • At ABC Custom Closet Design Services & Installation, we offer various types of closet installation services, irrespective of the type of closet you want and irrespective to the size of your space, or the type of material you wish to use, we have the optimal fit for you.
  • We have the expertise as well as the necessary tools to aid you bring your fantasy closet to life.

    Our installation process is done with detailed attention to details from the start to finish. As a result of this, our installation services are done with impressive workmanship and finesse.

  • Are you a homeowner or renter in Sussex County DE who is in need of closet installation services? Then seek no more as this is the place to be. With our perfectly curated consultation services, we will advise as well as let you decide on which is the perfect fit for you, and we will deliver the installation process swiftly.

Drawer Installation

  • Whether you're renovating or outfitting a new construction, whatever reason you need drawer installation services for in your home or office area, we are here for you.
  • Whether in your bathroom, kitchen cabinet or any other space in your home, our expert installers have the required expertise and experience that it takes to install drawers flawlessly with top-notch skill in the whole of Sussex County DE.
  • We not only make it functional but also make it visually pleasing with various finishes such as paints, glazes, stains, and so on, whatever suits your taste.
  • Call on us at ABC Custom Closet Design Services for your next drawer installation services, and we will respond to you swiftly, whether you're located anywhere in Sussex County DE.

Shelf Installation

  • Regardless of how much wall space or space in general that you have in your home, be it large or small, the wisest decision to do is to make the most of and utilize the space wisely. Oftentimes, this is usually difficult to do if you are a layman and not a professional installer.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned purpose, shelf installation should also be done by experts so as to be safe and placed properly and also for the purpose of aesthetics.
  • In order to achieve all these, a smart decision to do is to call on professionals like ABC Custom Closet Design Services to come and help you set up a shelf in your home in order to rule out all forms of risks or wastage of time and money.

Our Mission

As a collective of highly skilled and qualified professionals, we have a thorough understanding of the importance of our profession, which is why our company mission is to provide homeowners and renters alike with custom-made closets that craft an ambience that gives them the highest comfort in their home, regardless of their home space or their personality.

Our Values


At ABC Custom Closet Design Services, we believe in honesty and integrity in all of our dealings with our clients, and due to this, we have built a client base of dedicated customers.

Customer Satisfaction:

We aim at giving our clients the finest customer experience by delivering them with services that meet and surpass their expectations.

Quality Services:

The provision of quality and not below-par services to our clientele is one of our core values here at ABC custom closet design services.


We believe that every individual should be able to enjoy the benefits that come with custom-made closet designs and installations, so, we provide our services at cost-effective rates without neglecting on the excellence of service.

Contact Us

Ready to begin on a journey to a more organized and aesthetically pleasing closet? Reach out to AB Custom Closet Design for a consultation, design collaboration, or any questions. Let's create a closet that matches your lifestyle and enhances your daily routine.

Thank you for considering AB Custom Closet Design. We anticipate to creating the perfect closet solution for you!


QUESTION:Which Type of custom closet design services Do you provide?

ANSWER:We offer versatile custom closet design services, all you have to do is communicate the type of service that you need.

QUESTION: What's the average time for your installation process take?

ANSWER: How long our installation process takes is highly dependent on the specific installation process being carried out and furthermore the space it will consume. But on average, several hours to an entire day is all it takes.

QUESTION:What type of material do you employ to build your custom closets?

ANSWER: We employ various materials of high quality for our custom-built closets, in accordance with the appropriate or required material. Some of those materials comprise woods, metals, fire boards, and so on.

QUESTION: What's the average time for your installation process take?

ANSWER: How long our installation process takes is highly dependent on the specific installation process being carried out and furthermore the space it will consume. But on average, several hours to an entire day is all it takes.

QUESTION:Why would I opt for you over other custom closet design companies?

ANSWER: Picking us is the right choice because we are the best at what we do. Our history boasts of a proven track record of thriving projects available for review on our website for those who are looking in to check it out.

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